Simple new technology saves pets in a recent domestic fire

The recent domestic fire in a Nottingham tower block where Blueproof was fitted, activated successfully and saved the occupier’s pets.

Blueproof is a state of the art fire suppression device that can be fitted in minutes to most domestic central heating systems. The new technology is a co-polymer cone which simply attaches to the bleed valve of a domestic radiator. In the event of a fire, the surface of the hexagonal cone closest to the heat source melts to create a minute nozzle allowing the water from the radiator to spray towards the fire.

Blue proof fitted to a radiator
Blue proof fitted to a radiator

Additionally, consider the radiator to be a kettle and as it heats the water creates steam and this has the effect of reducing the temperature of the room and it scrubs the smoke which in many cases is the cause of fatalities in domestic fires.

In this recent fire, which broke out in the kitchen on the 10th floor, Blueproof had been fitted in 2015, well before the Grenfell Fire Tragedy.

The occupier of the apartment was understandably distressed with the fire; however with no loss of life and his pets being saved, this shows the effectiveness of this simple new technology.

The cost effectiveness of Blueproof is anticipated to be very well received and allow roll out to both private and public housing stock throughout the UK.

Where a home does not have a water-based heating system, Blueproof can be simply attached to domestic appliances or water pipes within the home.

Currently available online from Blueproof for a box of three at £59.99.