Warrior Doors proves it’s regarded as a gem of a company by jewellers

When it comes to businesses seeking positive feedback from customers, Warrior Doors, a Secured by Design member company that specialises in manufacturing secure entrance doorsets, has achieved the ultimate accolade.

Out of the 12 jewellery shops in Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, close to the City’s landmark Jewellery Quarter, Warrior Doors has supplied and installed its bespoke doors to 9 of them.

Such is the power of personal recommendation!

Warrior Doors installation Guicci Sloane St London

It’s no wonder that Warrior Doors, a Birmingham-based company, is receiving commissions both on its doorstep and from high value jewellers, banks and bullion dealers when its doors have withstood attacks by sledgehammers, axes, battering rams and ram raids by vehicles.

The company’s goal is to maximise security without compromising on light or visual aesthetics providing a unique range of high-specification security doors that have surpassed the most rigorous security testing to achieve certification to LPS1175 Security Levels 2, 3, 4 (version 7).

Even Warrior Doors’ SR2 standard composite glazed doors have withstood vehicle ram raids and can block a 9mm round. Warrior Doors is the first company in the country to have achieved a fully glazed door to LPS1175 security level 4 (SR4) that can open either into or out from a building.

Managing Director, Brett Barratt, said that spending on security is often underestimated and not considered as an investment in the business until the full impact of a robbery is experienced first hand. “The real costs are to people involved who can be traumatised by the event for months, if not longer,” he said.

Loss of high-value stock, whether it’s cash, diamonds, gold and watches can have a huge impact on the business continuity and in some cases the business never actually recovers, forced eventually to close down.

Brett explained: “Warrior Doors has been able to provide some of the highest quality security doors available without compromising on the exacting demands of jewellers towards aesthetic appearance and maximum vision into their shops.

“We have worked with a range of high value retailers including jewellers and bullion dealers, helping them to feel the benefits of being protected by a high security door from Warrior Doors.”

Brett added: “I am very proud of the work we do with our high-end security products, SR2, SR3 and SR4. They are fantastic products.”

In one video on the company’s website, you can see a prolonged attacked using a 5 Series BMW car on a door installed at the front entrance to a jeweller’s shop in Smethwick, Birmingham, on 2 October, 2017. Even after repeated ramming attempts by the car and subsequent unsuccessful attempts to force entry by the police and fire brigade, the door could still be opened and closed and locked perfectly! One of the assailants, who was trapped in the interlock in the jeweller’s shop, was arrested by police. The other assailant fled the scene. The video can be viewed at:

The company also makes high-specification secured doorsets for commercial and industrial premises as well as local authority housing and housing associations.

University students find out about SBD’s crime prevention work

Officer Lyn Poole at Canterbury Christ Church University

University students heard about the preventative side of policing today, as Secured by Design Development (SBD) Officer Lyn Poole visited Canterbury Christ Church University and spoke with students undertaking a policing course about the work that SBD undertake on behalf of the Police Service across the UK.

Lyn Poole

The students also heard from Linda Mason, one of Kent Police’s SBD trained Designing Out Crime Officers, who spoke about her front line role working with architects, developers and local authority planners to design out crime long before construction begins.

Linda Mason

Safety & security in world’s tallest modular towers.txt

Crime prevention principles developed by Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative, will be incorporated into the world’s tallest modular towers, soon to be built in south London.

Croydon is set to surpass New York as home to the world’s tallest modular towers, as 101 George Street sees the construction of a 38-storey and a 44-storey tower, scaling 135 metres and providing 546 new homes. Modules will start being craned in March 2019, with completion of the development due in May 2020.

Modular Tower

The architecture draws influences from the mid-century context while using the best of modern manufacture to create the world’s tallest modular building. The façades respond to variations in orientation, views and privacy that vary across the building and each tower has its own identity through subtle variations in proportion and material.

The homes in the towers have been designed specifically for rent and will be professionally managed onsite offering residents a 24/7 service. All homes will benefit from access to shared amenities including a podium garden, roof top gardens at the top of each tower, panoramic viewing walkway, gyms, residents lounge and private dining / event rooms.

The development will provide a new civic space for Croydon at ground level- a ‘woodland winter garden’ that will offer a new green space to George Street and create a gateway to the emerging cultural quarter. The ground floor also incorporates a new art gallery space, a café and some flexible spaces which will incorporate a wide range of possible uses including business incubator spaces and artist’s studio spaces.

An SBD trained Designing Out Crime Officer from the Metropolitan Police worked with the architects at HTA Design LLP to develop the SBD principles considered in the planning application and incorporate SBD crime prevention techniques and security into the development in order to minimise the opportunities for crime.

These measures include the built environment, such as creating natural surveillance from the properties, through to the doors, windows and locks which meet Police Preferred Specification Standards. Other measures include:

  • External lighting on all street frontages, pedestrian areas and routes
  • CCTV security surveillance
  • Secure maintenance and bike store access
  • Planting edges kept to low level to avoid blind spots
  • Robust street furniture

    These measures combine to make the properties more robust and less attractive to opportunist criminals.

    The development will be the tallest modular towers in the world surpassing the current tallest prefabricated building in the world, a 32-storey block in New York. Europe’s tallest modular tower currently is a 29 storey building in Wembley.

    The scheme will be delivered in 24 months, from construction starting, to residents moving in to their new homes.

    The scheme will be built using offsite technology, with nearly 1500 modules manufactured and installed by Vision Modular Systems from their purpose-built manufacturing facility in Bedford, where the majority of the fit out is installed including windows, electrics and plumbing before the module is transported to the site in Croydon.

    This approach saves vital time during the construction process and dramatically reduces onsite waste.